Clash of the Titans!

One of our favorite movies was “Clash of the Titans” 1981 with
Harry Hamlin in his early years! He played Perseus the Greek God
that fought through deeds driven by the Gods to find a way to
prevent the Kraken, a huge sea monster, from devouring his beloved
and beautiful Andromeda. If John Moorlach could find it in him
to shave off his beard….his impression of Perseus…might be
more realistic.

In the movie, unforgettable stop-motion creatures – a snake-haired
Gorgon, a two-headed dog, a giant eagle, the winged Pegasus, huge
scorpions which spring from Medusa’s blood. The whole story has a
spellbindingly dreamlike quality and must rank as one of the finest
fantasy films ever made. But this is Orange County and characterizing
the Sheriff’s Union as a huge sea monster…is a bit of a reach.

Having said that, we do have to praise Supervisors Norby and Moorlach
for gathering up five authentic votes to challenge a three year ago
decision to enlarge the scope of Pension obligations forever! Bravo
to Bill Campbell who in fact was one of the original “yea votes” for
that proposal. Seeing the error of your ways…sometimes takes a
bunch of clear sighted review…sometimes! With these things in mind
the challenge ahead is rather a mythical battle of Titans to come.
The question: “Is it OK to raise your retirement pay – retroactively?”

There is a tremendous amount at stake. Not just the fact that the
the Sheriff’s Union…will expend a great deal of treasure to defend
their position…that “retroactive legislation” is just fine. And
when you want to change the Public Debt…to come….anyone can do
with three votes! That argument, and the one’s that win it – is one
that will without any shadow of doubt will affect Pension choices
both in the State of California and the nation…in years to come.
Perhaps even revoking decisions already made. Will this battle
include the Court system? Will the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals
again raise their ugly heads with another indecent proposal? Will
the Supreme Court of these United States have to come up with a 5-4
decision that won’t be overturned until Hillary Clinton is President?
Oh, the drama…Oh the adventure! Who will play the Medusa with all
those snakes in her hair…or the three headed Gorgon?

Let no one deny….this is a very big deal. How it comes out will
determine Supervisors Moorlach’s political future forever! The heavy
gauntlet has been thrown down…how this will affect future elections,
candidates, issues and the fiscal future of our County, State and
Nation….are on the line. Now we can see who will characterize who
in the “Clash of the Titans”…Orange County style!

In the meantime, the “Moorlach political capital” rises on his rather
brave attempt to beat the “Blue Meanies” – the Public Safety Unions.
And the “Gray Meanies” – the School Teachers and Public Employee Unions
…and the “Green Meanies”..other politicos that want to spend money
they don’t have forever! He has taken on the Kraken…now what?

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