Arnold needs to go Terminator on the CA GOP State Senators

With the California State Budget STILL being held back by the Republican State Senators, I think it is time for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to STRIKE BACK. He and the other state government leaders have already made tons of concessions, but the Reeps keep moving the target.

Didn’t the Republicans in the Assembly already vote for the budget? Is this just a power play by the dwindling Reeps in the Senate?

Here is an account of this from an online newspaper:

Governor Schwarzenegger said, “I am calling on the Senate to come together and pass this budget. I have committed to a zero operating deficit – I will use my executive authority to ensure fiscal responsibility in state spending. The budget impasse is affecting real people, those who are vulnerable and depend on state funded facilities to survive, and I will do everything in my power to keep the state functioning. California’s budget stalemate must end so we can get back to work serving our citizens.”

The budget was originally passed by the California Assembly back in July of this year. This new budget fully funds education and public safety. It also helps pay down another $2.5 billion in debt. The new proposal also limits spending growth to less than 1 percent and will raise the state’s reserve up to $4 billion.

I think Schwarzenegger ought to go to each district occupied by one of these Senators and start recruiting opponents to those who are coming up for reelection. In the case of GOP State Senate Leader Dick Ackerman, who is termed out, Schwarzenegger ought to call up Tom Umberg and offer to endorse and support him against Mimi Walters and/or Harry Sidhu, who are vying to replace Ackerman in the 33rd District.

It’s time to bring out the Terminator…

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