Who are your favorite Orange County bloggers?

Our former co-blogger, Gila Jones, put up an interesting post over at Liberal OC…posing the question, “Who do you love?” The post asks us to pick our favorite bloggers and commenters from the O.C. blogosphere.

What a fun idea! My favorite bloggers and commenters, in no particular order, are: Andrew Davey; Art Lomeli; Bladerunner; Carl Overmyer; Chris Prevatt; Everyone on the Orange Juice! team; Dan C.; Gila; Gustavo; Matt Cunningham; Mike Lawson; Paul Lucas; Susan Freeze; Thomas Gordon, and all the SAUSD schoolteachers who blog here at the Orange Juice!

I tabulated the responses at Liberal OC so far, and here they are:

Name Votes
Alex Brant-Zawadzki 1
Allan Bartlett
Andrew Davey 2
Andy Favor
Art Lomeli 1
Art Pedroza 2
Aunt Millie 1
Bladerunner 4
Butterknifestroller 1
Carl Overmyer
Chris Prevatt 1
Chuck DeVore 3
Claudio Gallegos 3
Dan Chmielewski 4
Dr. Acula 1
Flowerszzz 2
Frank N. Stein 1
Frustrated Republican 1
Gila Jones 1
Green Machine 1
Gustavo Arellano 1
Jason Bensley
Jeff Flint 1
Jim Bieber 1
Joe Shaw 1
Jon Fleischman 1
Jubal/Matt Cunningham 3
Lam Pho
Larry Gilbert
Long-time Politico 1
Loveable Curmudgeon 1
MacheteJogger 1
Mike Lawson 4
Morning Coffee 2
Northcountystorm 3
One Who Knows 1
Paul Lucas 2
Preston Bannister 1
Rebecca (Commie Girl) 1
Redperegine 1
Rhackett 1
Ron & Anna Winship 1
Ryan Trabuco 1
Sean Mill
Silence Dogood 1
Susan Freeze 1
Thomas Gordon

So, who are YOUR favorite Orange County bloggers and commenters?

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