What’s your thoughts of a Clinton/Obama ticket?

As this trial balloon is being floated perhaps Juice readers might care to weigh in on the concept of having Senator Hillary Clinton, from the Blue state of New York team up with Senator Barack Obama, from the Blue state of Illinois. Both of these states are already in the Democratic count. While neither of these are southern states it would be interesting to see how the Democratic party, with this fantasy ticket, would fare in the conservative bible belt southern states.

As to the Republican team it is much to early to engage in any similar scenarios.

Political strategists typically promote a team from different areas of the country who can carry their own states and have their own following. Teaming a northern and a southern partner has been used in prior presidential elections. A package of Hillary and Barack would not, in this writers opinion, help the DNC capture the Red states of Texas and Florida.

Where is Dan Quale when we need him? Only joking!

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