Were Santa Ana cops and firemen asleep on the 4th of July?

Where were the Santa Ana cops and firemen last night? My neighborhood, Park Santiago, which is supposed to be one of the top two neighborhoods in Santa Ana, was inundated with illegal bottle rockets. In fact one of them is still stuck in my backyard lawn.

It would have been EASY to find the perpetrators. They were brazen. Why did NO law enforcement materialize? It is simply astounding.

It is also business as usual in Santa Ana. This happens every year. Then they cry about making all fireworks illegal. That is nuts. The problem is not the legal fireworks. It is the illegal ones.

The city could probably make a million dollars in one night by actually enforcing the law on the 4th of July. People know what is and is not legal. It is just ridiculous.

I thought we were supposed to have first class police and fire departments? What is up with them not doing their job every 4th of July? I checked the Register today to see if there were any reported fires that might have needed their attention. Nothing there.

Our City Council and Mayor need to do something about this next year. Scofflaws need to get what is coming to them – before they burn down someone’s home.

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