UPDATE: OC Board Supervisors approve satellite office for Janet Nguyen

Just before their lunch break, today, July 24th, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, in a split vote, approved the request for a satellite office for 1st District Supervisor Janet Nguyen.
Voting in favor of this she was joined by my Supervisor, 5th District Member Patricia Bates and 3rd District Supervisor Bill Campbell.
Opposing this action were Supervisors Moorlach and Chairman Chris Norby.

Well readers. Pandora’s box has now been opened. So much for Republican fiscal responsibility, words only found in dictionaries but not in practice. Let’s not discriminate here. EVERY supervisor deserves equal access to their constituents, vendors and donors. No, no, no. Bad idea, terrible decision!
Your comments on today’s vote are welcome.

That said I want an office with staffing and furnishings within 10 minutes of my home. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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