Stay tuned …it can happen here!

The ghost of Robert Poole raises its ugly head again…in the
form of an MTA decision to implement “Toll Road and Congestion
Pricing” on the roads of Los Angeles. The funding for a three
year plan to implement these elitists “Toll Road” rip offs of
California motorists…is heading our way. They want to start
by charging for access to LAX. Yep, you can’t even pick up
someone or drop them off at the airport …without paying a Toll!
The phony excuse is ….to pay for road improvements around
the airport. Talk about a nightmare for traffic engineering and
those wanting to utilized “Public Transportation Facilities”…
you just have to love it. “Mayor Tony V” supports the Poole
boondoggle! They say he wants to run for Governor in 2010. We
doubt this will endear him to the voting public.

Toll Roads have been sold to the Legislators as an easy way to
get around hard decision making. Like what would you rather do..
double the size of the SF Bay Bridge…or add carpool lanes to
the 405 north of LAX? How about adding an Toll Road Extension
to the 241…rather than having Sacramento….pay the price with
one of their many Bond Issues…..and have NO Toll Road connecting
to San Diego County – along with bearing the cost of any necessary
mitigation’s for environmental concerns.

In a way, we have been rather lucky here behind the Orange Curtain
getting stuck with one working Toll Road (241), one totally
dysfunctional Toll Road – (73) and one disastrous Toll Road (91)!
Hey, it could be Florida or France…and be worse…or maybe London
is a better example of Big Brother on every corner and offering
private transportation only to Livery Services and very wealthy
Londoners! Hey, they have that Lord, Lady and Elitist world down
to a fine science.

Toll Roads are bunko artists…and Toll Roads are for the birds and
other species that don’t have to use them! What we pay in Road Taxes
a year in California could probably fund another National Space
Program. We need to dump all the current Legislators….and hire ones
that do not defend, do not take donations from and philosophically
detest Toll Roads! Toll Roads are great for New Jersey….just ask
Tony Soprano…he gets a kick back from every rider. Let us not fall
prey to this arrogance and stupidity! You want to hear the kicker:
People in south county want to keep Toll Road (especially those with
very high rates) so that they don’t have to share those roads with
less expensive autos and trucks. We actually had an elected…tell
us that! No old cars around those new Mercedes, Lexus and BMW’s

We are hoping that you will contact your pals in LA….and tell them
to Halt this Robert Poole madness! We don’t want “Congestion Pricing”
here in Orange County and we certainly don’t want it in Los Angeles!

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