Sheriff Carona spends a bundle on a new truck

A friend of mine was visiting the Santa Ana Civic Center yesterday morning on business.

When he reached the Main Plaza he saw the Orange County Sheriff’s Department had rolled out a humongous RV towed in by a freightliner truck. “What the Hell is this thing?” he asked the uniformed deputy leaning against the hood of a new Chevy Suburban with blacked out windows.

“That’s Samantha One, our new command center, it’s keeping you safe,” he explained.

“How much did that thing cost?” he asked as he watched two guys polishing the glossy paint job, while a 50″ plasma screen played a loop of the Sheriff.

“Hold on,” the deputy answered his cell phone and proceeded to take a call from his wife/Girlfriend/significant other and proceeded to argue about their Mervyn’s bill.

You just can’t make this stuff up. That new truck could probably pay for a few Mervyn’s Stores…

The problem with all of this is that Carona can’t keep us safe – not when he is busy hanging out with Mafia goons. What a joke.

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