SAUSD drops the ball again

The O.C. Register recently addressed the issue of high school students who complete the required courses to graduate, but end up receiving a certificate of completion because they can’t pass the state high school exit exam, which “measures aptitude in 10th-grade English and eighth-grade algebra.”

It was interesting to note the differences in the way that the Santa Ana Unified School District handles this compared to how the Newport-Mesa Unified School District deals with it.

According to the Register, unnamed “SAUSD officials” decided last month to allow students to walk in their graduation ceremonies even if they failed the test.

In Newport Mesa, such students were not allowed to walk. And they were not given certificates of completion.

“The district provided before- and after-school test prep classes, as well as an exit exam “boot camp” in the summer and on weekends. The district had one of the lowest number of students in the county, 12, who met all graduation requirements but failed the exit exam.”

Only 12 failed the exit exam!?! In SAUSD that number came to 117!

Which approach do you think is more effective? (Hint – this one is a no-brainer).

The SAUSD administration continues to allow students to fade away. This bodes ill for our community. One more reason to rid our board of its current leadership, particularly Chairman Rob Richardson!

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