SAUSD board votes to kill Godinez fence and reviews audit findings

According to our former blogger, Thomas Gordon, the Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Trustees voted at their meeting this week to cancel the fence that they were planning to build around the new Godinez High School, at Centennial Park.

The fence irked a lot of people because it would have resulted in a huge loss of park space. The SAUSD administrators argued that they needed the fence to ensure the safety of students, but the district’s Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Santa Ana did not include a fence of this nature.

Moreover, according to crime statistics that Gordon obtained from SAUSD, the district already suffers from hundreds of assaults and other criminal actions that involve students pounding on fellow classmates. Outsiders are not involved.

This whole circus could have been avoided if SAUSD School Board President Rob Richardson had bothered to talk to local community leaders and City officials before coming up with his crazed fence plan.

If you ask me, this whole exercise was a red herring designed to distract us from the district’s ongoing class size reduction scandal. The O.C. Register published an article today that reviewed the findings of the recent audit of SAUSD schools with regard to the CSR fraud.

Predictably, the audit “did not detail if any specific administrators or district departments were most responsible for the slew of problems with the program.” That is because district Superintendent Jane Russo set it up to be a useless audit.

The audit did however include recommendations:

Provide adequate staffing to keep classes within funding eligible limits.

– Monitor class sizes frequently.

– Identify a class-size reduction program manager. One person should be responsible for coordinating the efforts districtwide.

Trustee John Palacio chimed in with his usual words of wisdom, “We only acted when teachers went public. To me that’s a shame.”

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