Recall the 3 vote margin of victory in 1ST BOS race? Electronic Voting Machines can be hacked. Sec of State Debra Bowen

Earlier this year all of the blogs spent many hours covering the very close and controversial OC Board of Supervisors race in the 1st District. With that backdrop, and knowing that there will be another election before you know it, simply check out Susannah Rosenblatt’s report in today’s Orange County Edition, California Page, of the LA Times. The above the fold story states that “3 voting systems faulted…A review by California’s secretary of state finds that the machines can be easily hacked into, potentially putting millions of votes at risk.”

In the report Sec Bowen states that “Our very existence as a democracy is dependent on our having voting systems that are secure, reliable and accurate.”
The article says that testers “were able to bypass both physical and software security in every system they tested.” That’s very encouraging. LG comment.

Setting aside the next election for the first BOS I seem to recall that we have a presidential primary coming up soon.

Sec of State Bowen’s report can be found on the secretary of state’s web site.

What’s your thoughts about the security and reliability of our current voting system?

Do you believe that Sec of State Debra Bowen will give you the assurance that your vote will be counted, and applied to the candidate whom you thought you voted for?

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