Orange Juice! stays in top 5 of BNN political blog rankings

The new BNN California political blog rankings are out, and I am pleased to report that the Orange Juice! is still in the top 5, at #4.

Orange County based blogs continue to dominate the rankings, with all of the top 5 blogs originating in the O.C.

The #1 blog this week is Jon Fleischman’s Flash Report, which is based in O.C. but offers coverage of statewide politics in California, with a conservative bent.

John Seiler’s Blog has catapulted over both the blogs published by his former employer, the Orange County Register. Orange Punch is right behind our blog, at #5, and Total Buzz is at #10.

The biggest drop this week saw Red County/OC Blog fall from #1 to #7. You had to see that coming, as they did not have a lot of original stories this past week (although their coverage of O.C. Supervisor John Moorlach’s plans regarding the retroactive pension hike has been first-class). Red County/OC Blog excels at daily news links, but they sometimes rely too much on reprinting press releases instead of creating original stories, IMHO.

Liberal OC jumped up, on the other hand, from #9 to #2. They added a new blogger recently, Andrew Davey, and he has done a great job of adding new stories to their mix.

I was very proud of the week we had here at the Orange Juice! Our hot posts this week included:

I do hope that our continued presence in the top of the BNN political blog rankings will convince Red County/OC Blog editor Matt Cunningham to repair our link on his blog. It has been sending his readers to O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s campaign website for weeks, even though two of my co-bloggers, Sean Mill and Claudio Gallegos, have recently written posts that have been critical of Supervisor Nguyen.

I also would like to see our blog added to the links on the Flash Report. We provide links to both Red County/OC Blog and the Flash Report. I try to keep up with all the new political blogs cropping up, and invite those who have been overlooked to let me know.

It is interesting to note that while we have seen our referrals from Red County/OC Blog plummet since they altered our link, our numbers have held steady, and actually have increased of late.

Part of that is due to the many referrals we are getting from Topix, which is the “leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city.”

I serve as an editor for the Topix Santa Ana page, and they also link to our other stories from their other city pages. In fact the story I wrote about the travails of Henry Nicholas III blew up on the Topix Irvine page and it has become one of our hottest stories since I posted it.

The great thing about Topix referrals is that over 80% of them are new readers!

Here are our current top referral sites:

  1. The Liberal OC
  2. Topix
  3. Red County/OC Blog
  4. Yahoo
  5. Powder Blue Report

Thanks to our friends at the Liberal OC for not messing with our link! Thanks also to our readers and our entire blog team. It is A LOT of work keeping our blog on top of the rankings. I am grateful that so many people appreciate what we do here at the Orange Juice!

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