Orange Juice! stays in top 5 in statewide blog ranking

After a week of controversy regarding the blog ranking system (see this post over at the Liberal OC Blog), which rates California’s “Most Influential Political Blogs,” the Orange Juice! stayed in the Top 5, while Red County/OC Blog moved back into first place.

Earlier this week I wrote about the fact that the Red County/OC Blog editor, Matt Cunningham (I am not going to use his old pen name Jubal anymore), removed the blog ranking link to Red County/OC Blog after his blog fell from first place. I wonder if he will return the link now that he is back in first place?

Kudos to my friends at the Liberal OC Blog, who moved up to second place. Once again all of the top five blogs originate in the O.C.

Congratulations also to the, which came out of nowhere and ended up in 9th place.

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