OCTA bus driver’s strike update…"very close on the dollar amount"

The O.C. Register is reporting that “Negotiators working to resolve a week-old labor dispute that has put the brakes on Orange County’s bus system made some headway Friday and said they were prepared to talk through the weekend.”

“We’re very close on the dollar amount,” Carolyn Cavecche, the chairwoman of the Orange County Transportation Authority, said late Friday afternoon. “Now it’s just a question of who gets it.”

The bus driver’s just got paid their last paychecks. I wonder how many of them actually had money saved up in case of a strike? My guess is that there is a lot of grumbling amongst the drivers as they begin to starve while their union leaders keep getting paid.

“The OCTA was still preparing for the possibility of a drawn-out strike, despite the renewed talks.”

The strike could end in a day or two or it might last up to two to three more weeks. Over 200,000 bus riders continue to suffer. I hope that the OCTA and the union leaders will get something done sooner rather than later.

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