Moral and Ethical Accountability?

Have we all been asleep at the wheel or did those
last episodes of the Soprano’s take our eye off the
ball? We stand aside now as Barry Bonds looks to break
the famous 755 home run record of Hank Aaron. There
is a lot of conjecture about Steroids in Professional
sports. Today, it is fashionable to say: “What the heck?
Doesn’t everyone take steroid’s?” What about Lance
Armstrong..did he take steroids? What about Jason Giambi?
What about Mark McGuire? Heck, what about people that
we will never know about? Say: Johnny Carson, Dick
Cavett or Monty Hall? Conan O’Brien seems to have one
of the “Roid Rage personalities? Chris Benoit was one
of the top wrestlers in the World Wrestling Entertainment.
He may have killed his 7 year old son, his wife and then
himself. Will we ever know the reason? Was it in fact
made up to look like a suicide…when it was a murder
by organized crime?

Meanwhile, Michael Vick…the Quarterback for the Atlanta
Falcons has been indited on charges of running “Dog Fights”
on his Atlanta Farm. The stories of animal cruelty are
horrendous! It will be hard to believe that Vick never
knew about the activities there…but what about Marquis
Vick..his brother? What about his cousins and aunts and
uncles? What about his business manager? What about his
agent? What about members of the Atlanta Falcons football

Then there is Senator David Vitter of Louisiana. He has
been engaging prostitutes since at least 2001. Hey, that
is six years! The good news is that his wife is standing
behind him! After all, she is a Senator’s wife! She figures
if it was good enough for had to be good enough
for a Conservative Republican from the south. His phony
“I am really, really sorry!” routine….needs some further
acting essentials.

Then there is Henry Nicolas….Broadcom wonder boy! He has
billions probably….but he couldn’t resist wanting to be
Hugh Hefner on Steroids! He spent $3 to $4 million dollars
on a underground grotto……for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.
Cocaine, prostitutes from around the world and more Ecstasy
and modular drugs than a Colombian drug lord.

Then of course we have the case of the Congressman William
Jefferson…who salted away a cool $100,000 bucks in his
home freezer! He still refuses to mention where he got the
money from! He is under inditement for “bribes”!

The list seems to go on and on. Last but not least we
have the case of LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa! Here his
hypocrisy is showing. He ran on a “Family Man and Values”
ticket and all the while….had a babe in the bathtub…..
somewhere else. His choice in women is being challenged
because she dated CA Senate Speaker Fabian Nunez and a few
other Sacramento types before she tied up with Antonio!

So, what are we saying? Why are we forced to hear a constant
drone of …..”Everyone does this stuff!” Paris Hilton served
a few days in jail and then couldn’t figure out what it all
meant…except that “I have changed and found God!” Paris
can’t remember any Bible passages but God is probably forgiving
enough not to test her before accepting an apology. Could it
be that our forgiving society….has taken “forgiveness” to
the extreme. Husbands are killing their pregnant wives and
other wives are killing their husbands and children. Do the
news outlets force this down our throats? Do the news outlets
make us watch the trial of Phil Spector? When does too much
money and super kinky behavior finally make people stop and
say: “That’s enough!”

When will the public, our citizens, our politicians and our
media….finally demand to get the hook on these creeps? We
have “gangsters” in the NFL that shoot people! We have
Sports Figures that need to set the standard for conduct…
not claim to be victims because they only have $130 million
dollars! When will we finally tell Pete Rose… doesn’t
matter how many records you broke – you did it the wrong way.
That goes double for every other so called Sports hero that
gets caught with his hand in the HGH or Steroid bottle.
That goes double for every super rich person…that thinks
they can set their own rules of conduct. Hey, it doesn’t
matter what someone does so much… it does when they
are caught….and then want to claim they are victims!

These people are NOT victims…..they are bully’s…mean
spirited bullys…that need to be replaced..with kind and
caring people of the same status and strata! Some things
that people do…should not be forgiven….ever! They
should be remembered instead!

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