Immigrants will be a key voting bloc in 2008

More bad news for the Republican Party. The Times is reporting that the rise in citizenship fees, which is coming on Monday, is prompting thousands of immigrants to file their citizenship papers.

“Nationally, the total number of pending citizenship applications reached 811,810 in June, up 67% compared with the same month last year, according to government figures. Applications in Southern California numbered 24,320 just in May, more than twice what was received in May 2006.”

“In Santa Ana, where more than half the population is foreign born, immigrants filed into the office of Catholic Charities, a nonprofit group that provides immigration assistance. Attendance at its weekly citizenship classes has doubled in recent months, to about 80, and requests for assistance with citizenship applications have tripled in the last two weeks, to about 75 a day.”

There is NO WAY that the majority of these immigrants will become Republicans – not when the GOP has become the anti-immigrant party.

Here is what one immigrant had to say, “I think I want to have a voice, to be able to choose those who are governing us.”

This rush to citizenship could have a profound affect on the upcoming elections. Things were already looking bad for the GOP, but now they figure to get even worse.

The Van Tran cabal has been crowing at Red County/OC Blog about their recent prowess in signing up a few hundred new voters in Santa Ana. Well, get ready…there are thousands more on the way. Most are Latinos, and they won’t be filing as Republicans.

Now more than ever I believe that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will be the Democratic choice for Vice President. Latinos will be a huge force in the next election, and his presence on the Democratic ticket will ensure that the Democrats will dominate the Latino vote.

The only hope the GOP has lies in Rudy Giuliani…but their base can’t stand him. They better get ready to kiss the White House bye bye.

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