Free Lindsay…..please!

Even though a State Agency was responsible…what was the
OC Board of Supervisors doing when it should have be looking
where our “Identity Theft Sensitive” (from traffic tickets)
was winding up? If it was Bangalore…..the chances may have
been less…that they could sell the info out the back door.
Hey, it’s a world economy…every Russian Mobster knows your
Social Security number and mother’s maiden name. As Tony
Soprano might say: “Wha’daya goin do?”

Ok….this isn’t about that issue however…it’s about the
great demise of the younger generation. We just went to the
beach movie at the Balboa Pier last night and saw a movie
with Surf Legend Kelly Slater….along with two shorts, one
on skateboarding and one one the hot new surfers that Quicksilver has on it’s payroll. The event included Sponsorship by Citi Bank, Quicksilver and the Balboa Performing Arts Foundation. They had the typical promotions with some good mini-burgers and tri-tip beef sandwiches. Plenty of local families and kids. They had a drawing for a variety of skateboards, backpacks and even a surfboard. The people were a real cross section of our community and that part was fun. What wasn’t so fun…was the Mach 10 volume
on the speaker system….which had to cause brain damage for kids under five. What wasn’t so fun…were the self promoting types of new surfers on the radar. The obvious drug references. The self promoting, self absorbed and self described…….all not very attractive to those of us that grew up in a sport that was bigger than any individual player.

Why the long warm up…on why Lindsay Lohan needs to be let go Free? Well, sadly Lindsay is not alone. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera….all seem to be suffering from similar maladies. Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, NBA Referee Tim Donaghy
and the entire Tour de France bicycle competition……all seem to be victims of poor judgement, inappropriate behavior or simply a lot of bad luck. Let’s forget the Kobe Bryant problem in Colorado, thank goodness that one has dried up. Could we talk about the photos of Princess Diana…as she died in the tunnel in Paris? Are we off the subject? No, we are talking about money, celebrity, money and more money. We are talking about bad conduct by a complete generation of those who seem to know “NO Propriety!”

So, what can be done? Rehab housing required for every potential celebrity on earth? Legalized drugs for every rich celebrity on earth? Drivers License revocation for every celebrity on earth? New rules for any celebrity: A driver and a limo is required!

Let’s look at Lindsay’s problem in a little more detail. Her dad just got out of jail, her mom wants season tickets to the Playboy Mansion and Lindsay just got out of a ten day rehab stint. Immediately, she gets drunk on her butt, fires or abuses an assistant, chases the assistants mom in her SUV..and gets immediately busted by the LAPD. Was this a set up? Kind of reminds you of the Sonny Corelone scene at the Toll Booth in Godfather I.

Who is to know? Should we just incarcerate every celebrity just because they are celebrities and are seen in personality magazines? What could be next? Politicians, Candidates for Office, or major CEO’s…next? Paparazzi seem to be the only ones making any money in publishing in this day and age. They constantly drive their efforts with scandal, intimidation and innuendo! If it doesn’t care a stir….no money! We feel sorry for Lindsay…because she is probably “chemically dependent”, “psychologically dependent” and under a lot of pressure….to constantly perform. Lindsay is 21 years of age. She probably doesn’t even surf. Let’s give Lindsay a pass “this time”. Take her drivers license for next three years and call it a day! Free Lindsay…she is too cute!

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