Alvarez goes off again

Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez went ballistic again tonight at the Santa Ana City Council meeting. This time she went off on a screed against First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen, calling her a racist.

Clearly Alvarez is obviously positioning herself to run against Supervisor Nguyen. Is it ethical for Alvarez to make campaign statements during a City Council meeting?

Claudia ought to know a thing or two about being a racist. She lost an Assembly race to Tom Umberg a few years ago when she put out signs in Spanish that said “She’s one of us.”

Claudia has also been working of late on raising our taxes to pay for more cops. Just what our working families need. Not.

She also voted for a dog barking ordinance that will take food out of the mouths of her constituents when they get stuck with outrageous city fines – because their dogs bark to protect their property.

And Alvarez turned a deaf ear to the protesters who came to City Hall tonight asking the City Council to vote to make Santa Ana a “sanctuary city” for immigrants.

Alvarez even voted for the budget tonight – even though it falls far short, again, on fixing our roads, building new libraries, and developing new parks. She is doomed to the same legacy left by other Council predecessors like Brett Franklin, Lisa Bist and Alberta Christy. Nada. No positive change. Business as usual ad infinitum.

One last thought – where was “Clownia” when we had a “Walk for Peace” a few weeks ago over at Madison Park? Supervisor Nguyen and Councilwoman Michele Martinez were there – but no Alvarez, no Benavides, no Bustamante and certainly no Pulido.

Thank God that Alvarez is staring at the end of her Council career next fall when she terms out.

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