About those Transformers…

I took my older boys to see the Transformers movie the other day. I found it interesting that there was an African American Transformer, named “Jazz,” but of course he gets ripped in half by the evil Megatron.

But no Mexican American Transformers. Although there was a Latino soldier who was chided by his fellow jarheads because he kept speaking in Spanish.

So maybe the director, Michael Bay, and the producer, Steven Spielberg, are not all that hip to the Latino community in the U.S. Somewhat stupid given that we have more kids than most folks do, and we love to go to the movies.

I complained about this to my wife and she emailed me the pictures you see above and to the right. She received them in an email labeled “Mexican Transformer.” Yes, the box turns into the figure with the gun. Pretty lame.

A lowrider that turns into a Transformer might be fun. But most Latino drivers I see in Santa Ana appear to love big trucks and SUV’s.

The subject of Transformers got me to thinking…what would our politicians turn into, if they transformed? Here are a few ideas:

  • Bill Clinton…Hugh Hefner
  • Antonio Villaraigosa…Bill Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton…Bill Clinton
  • Bob Dornan…a B1 bomber of course!
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez…Governor Loretta Sanchez
  • Assemblyman Van Tran…Congressman Van Tran
  • Trung Nguyen…Supervisor Trung Nguyen
  • Assemblyman Jose Solorio…Governor Jose Solorio
  • Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez…the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz
  • President George Bush…someone with a clue
  • Mike Carona…Tony Soprano
  • Gary Miller…Richard Nixon
  • Lynn Daucher…State Senator Lou Correa
  • Ken Maddox…anything other than a washed up former legislator!
  • Mark Leyes…a giant can of Mountain Dew
  • Jim Silva…a giant squirrel
  • Steve Young…Congressman John Campbell
  • Steve Rocco…Stanley Fiala

Please feel free to add to this list…

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