1-2–3 What are we fighting for?

“Politics get ugly!”…everyone knows that! Is anyone as sick of the ongoing repudiation of our government policy on the “War on Terror” as we are?

Where should one start? How effective or intelligent to continually beat up on President Bush or Vice President Cheney?

Let’s see what the Democratic Liberal Establishment would have you believe: (1) President Bush set up 9/11. (2) We didn’t get Osama Bin Laden when we could have because he is actually on the side of the Bush family. (They let Bin Laden’s entire family go…up to a week after 9/11! Without any security interviews!) (3) Our strategy to invade Iraq
was a bullish, fascist act of aggression – on poor people that never did us any harm – ever! Using this logic…we would have never declared war on Germany in World War II….because they didn’t bomb us…just their allies the Japanese!
(4) President Bush only invaded Iraq because
he wanted the oil. (5) The prisoner’s at Guantanamo deserve all human rights available to anyone in the United States. (6) If President Bush and Vice President Cheney were out of office….there would be World Peace! (7) There is really NO Terrorist Threat to the United States…it’s all a phony program to enable the government to read our e-mail without a warrant. (8) If God wanted us to go to Iraq….he would have made us Iraqi’s and Michael Moore will be Secretary of State!

Getting the point yet? No matter what side of these debates you find yourself…you have to ask just one question: “Are people using suicide bombers to kill people throughout the world – or not?” If you believe that there are in fact “Suicide Bombers” or what anyone in the world would describe as “Terrorists”…then we of course ask that great minds come up with suitable solutions…on how to deal with these people. The Democratic Liberal Establishment has stated that the answer resides with the Blue Helmeted UN Peace Keeping forces, feeding the people of the world and doing away with fossil fuels by Government edict! If one is willing to believe those therapies would work….there will be a perfect solution available on election day in 2008. When Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are elected…..they can in fact test these solutions for real.

Accusing our military of torture, mass murder and being less than sensitive to the needs of invaded peoples around the world is also getting a bit boring. Should any of those soldiers be members of our family or those we know…..we would hope that their first priority would be to return home with all their arms and legs. That they would save the lives of as many of their fellow soldiers lives as they can and finally do as little harm to the civilians that they engage during the entire process….from going to getting home!

One issue in particular is quite unsettling: Habeous Corpus rules under Rule 5 of the Geneva Conventions. No Terrorists need apply. Even in the day of George Washington..those soldiers or fighting people that had no uniforms, no rules for prisoners and made terrorist raids….were put to death “Summarily”….meaning One Judge looked at the evidence and then ordered these people hanged. Geneva Conventions were designed for Governments not “Partisan Chapters”…just ask the French Resistance in World War II about how many were killed “Summarily” by the Germans.

Who of course were following the Geneva Conventions.

So, where does this leave people that hate war, detest physical harm to even animals and little kids? It leaves us rather upset that the Democrat Liberal Establishment refuses to defend the people of the United States.

It leaves us feeling rather sad….that ridiculous non-logical rhetoric continues to occupy the news of the day. We have always said that war was the lowest of all human endeavors….but in the defense of liberty….NEVER! Being held hostage by Al Qaeda or Al Quida…tomatoes or tomatoes…..by those that raise their babies to kill others before they turn 12 years old…..cannot stand. We support the defense of Liberty and the defense of the United States from the forces of “Terror”! The techology and times have changed and we must decide whether to wilt in wake of “Suicide Bombers” or Stand Tall and defend the way we live now and in the future. No Democratic Liberal Establishment….can change the “either – or decisions” that need to be made now and beyond 2008!

As the vote in New Hampshire will tell us: “Live Free or Die!”

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