Who did you want for Governor again?

Meeting with Tom McClintock this morning was an honor!
Tom has grown in personal courage, political savvy and
brilliance over the last ten years. We had always thought
Tom was smart and dedicated but today Tom came out stronger
than we had ever seem him. His principals were intact, his
intelligence at an all time high and his dedication to the
fundamentals of American democracy and Republican form of
government never stronger.

After his remarks Tom was bombarded with questions about
Immigration. After a half hour of explaining how most of
American politicians had sold out…his solution was simple:
Obey and enforce the current law…..build the funded 800
miles of fence along the border…and make “anyone that
wanted citizenship” go back to their native country if they
didn’t currently hold a green card.

The line waiting to chat with Tom after the event finally
dwindled about 40 minutes later. Tom, hung in there waiting
until the very last troop had their question answered or
addressed. Tom is a class act. At that point, we couldn’t
resist: “So Tom, who are you supporting for Governor in ’08?”
we said. “Don’t know..! he answered. “We were pulling for
Mel Gibson…until his misfortunate drunk incident!” we said.
“Yeah, he did some other thing recently as well!” Tom responded.
“Maybe Mel, just doesn’t want to do politics!…we said. “What
about you, Tom?” someone blurted out. “We haven’t completely
ruled out going for Governor yet…but basically…we will have
to see what happens in the future!” Tom said. “Tom! You need to
be the mentor to the next Gubernatorial Candidate!” we said.
“You need to be the KingMaker! You have the whole love and
support of Conservative Voters in the State of California!
Whoever you support in ’08 will be the Republican Candidate
for Governor!” we said.

At this point we take a moment to mention that Tom said that
he supports some of the Republican Presidential candidates: Ron
Paul, Tom Tancredo and Jim Gilmore….to name a few. He suggested
that Republicans are running away from Republican values and shooting
for more moderate means. We guess that meant the current leaders
of the Party: Rudy G, Mitt and Johnnie Mack! Tom felt that it would
take the Ronald Reagan Conservatives of the Democratic right to get
the Republicans back into office in ’08. We tend to agree…even
though we support Rudy G, as everyone knows.

Now, from what we learned from Tom McClintock today we can say with
great certainty…we know who can win the CA Governorship in 2010!
Tom didn’t tell us…but everyone in the State knows. Everyone who
believes that America is still the home of the brave and the land
of the free…know who can and will be the next Governor of California.
Let us give you a few hints before we tell you straight out: This
candidate is a real man! This candidate will protect our 2nd Amendment
Rights. This man will make sure children in this State get a great
education. This man will set a standard for values and honesty in
Government. This man is known to all of the people in the United
States and the world. This man wears Aloha Shirts, is an actor and
is loved and adored by movie and television fans around the world.

Tom Selleck is in phenomenal shape! He just signed a contact for
20 episodes of Las Vegas. He also has four television movies with
a character that is an alcoholic Police Chief, that had to leave
LA and move to an East Coast small town because he broke up with his
wife. Tom Selleck took on Rosie O’Donnell…..Tom Selleck is “Magnum”
and will be the best Governor of California ever!

We send this message to Republicans and Democrats alike! Tom Selleck
kicks any ones back side on election day 2010! The Presidential candidates
from both the Republican and Democratic parties will be pandering to
get photo ops …. with the next consensus Governor of California. Now
all we need is to get Tom McClintock to add his endorsement!

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