Update: Imported CA GOP COO quits

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that Michael Kamburowski, the Australian immigrant hired by the California GOP to serve as their COO has resigned in the wake of blistering media coverage about his incarceration and ineptitude.

BTW, I wrote earlier today that Allan Bartlett had not attacked the hiring of Kamburowski, but in fact he has. I guess I need to read Bartlett’s blog more often. Here is a quote from his latest post regarding the Kamburowski debacle:

“It’s been one hell of a day for The California Republican Party. The Australian bloke who the CRP hired as its COO has tendered his resignation effective immediately. It was the right thing to do. Now an accounting must be made of what went wrong. People need to be held to account for this big time screw up.”

I think that California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring is toast. He hired Kamburowski without a proper background check.

Red County/OC Blog is reporting today that Bill Christiansen, the former Executive Director of the OC GOP, will be replacing Kamburowski on an interim basis. I agree with Jubal/Cunningham, Christiansen is a good hire and they ought to make him the permanent CA GOP COO.

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