Time to take out Tran?

I took a look today at the 68th Assembly District and I must admit, the demographics were not what I expected.

This district includes the entire cities of Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley. And Asian voters make up only 18% of the electorate (as of 2001). White voters still make up the majority of the voters in the district.

Hispanics total 11% of the vote. But they make up 24% of the voting age population. It sounds like the Democratic Party needs to get busy with voter registration in the 68th.

The GOP does have an edge, with 45% of the vote versus 34.53% for the Democratic Party, but this is by no means a safe seat for the Republicans, not with President Bush’s popularity in the gutter.

Decline to State (DTS) voters are a big factor at 15.27% of the vote. These numbers date back to 2001 – surely there are even more DTS voters in the district by now.

GOP Assemblyman Van Tran is though to be untouchable. However, his ally, Trung Nguyen, has lost three elections in a row – all with Tran’s full support. He lost to Supervisor Janet Nguyen, and previously he lost a GOP Central Committee election (where he was the only Vietnamese candidate) and a water board election.

Another Tran ally, Andy Quach, who serves on the Westminster City Council, lost a Mayor’s race last year to Margie Rice. Did I mention that Trung lost to an older white lady too, in his water board race? It looks like the Tran cabal cannot beat women – particularly senior white women.

Van Tran also lost when he backed Lynn Daucher last year against Lou Correa, for the 34th Senate District. Couple that loss with all of Trung’s losses, and Quach’s loss, and you have a rather miserable record.

Add to that the legal problems that Tran’s wife had a year or so ago and you have a very weak candidate indeed.

I believe that the Democratic Party ought to be looking to run someone from Costa Mesa. That city has the top population in the 68th A.D. Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley would be a great candidate!

Here is her bio., from the Costa Mesa website:

Katrina Foley was elected to the Costa Mesa City Council in November 2004. Katrina’s focus is on making Costa Mesa better for families. She has two school age boys and is married to a local teacher.

Katrina also serves her community as Chair of the Coast Community College Citizens Oversight Committee, and as a Trustee for the Vector Control Board. Prior to her election, she served on the city

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