The OC GOP machine takes care of its own

Orange City Councilman Denis Bilodeau’s trial was continued until Nov. 16 today, according to Red County/OC Blog, whose editor, Jubal/Matt Cunningham, finally decided to write about this case.

Martin Wisckol, over at Total Buzz, reported that Bilodeau said “that today’s hearing led him to expect charges will dropped against him on Nov. 16.”

And that was that.

Cunningham elaborated that, according to Bilodeau’s lawyer, the sign he took down”didn’t meet the requirement for a legal campaign sign. There was no identification or information about to whom the sign belonged, and no evidence those who put up the sign (the Rudats) had the permission of the property owner. Keller’s contention was it was “legally an abandoned sign” and “anyone who took it down would have been operating legally.”

Cunningham also opined that, “None of the OC bloggers wringing their hands that this was a high crime and misdemeanor and wondering whether I would cover it showed up.”

Maybe that’s because we all work for a living Cunningham!

It only took Cunningham 217 days to cover this story – and he only did so after OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas’ prosecutor let Bilodeau slip off the hook. Not a surprise given that Rackauckas and Bilodeau are both card-carrying members of the OC GOP machine.

According to the Greater Orange News Service, “The delay will allow the two parties to try and settle out of court. The O.C. Register also reported that the lawyers would “to try to resolve the case out of court.” So perhaps Bilodeau might still end up paying a fine.

The Register also reported this response from Bilodeau, “They have real criminals to prosecute, and I was glad once I got their attention and was able to present my side of the story that they agreed this is just stupid and it’s time to dismiss this.”

What was stupid, Denis, was your inane act of stealing the sign in the first place. What a dumb move for a supposedly seasoned politician!

Not to worry Denis, we will be sure to bring all of this up again when you run for reelection!

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