Orange Juice! ranks #1 in political influence in California!

Wow. What a difference a week makes. I knew that we had a great week and that our June numbers were looking very good. Tonight I found out that Orange Juice! is now the #1 rated blog, in terms of political influence, in the entire State of California, according to

I am most grateful to our readers for all of their continued support. Thanks also to all of our team members. They have all pitched in this week with fantastic stories – and some scoops. I know that we will all redouble our efforts next week to keep our readers informed.

Last week’s #1 rated blog, Red County/OC Blog, slipped to #2, while the O.C. Register’s Orange Punch vaulted to #3. My friends at the Liberal OC Blog came right behind them at #4. It is great to see that the Orange County blog delegation continues to lead the state in political influence. Congratulations to all of them!

Other O.C. Blogs that remained in the Top 10 included the O.C. Register’s Total Buzz, at number 9, and a blog that covers the state but is based in the O.C., The Flash Report.

I don’t know why the O.C. blog delegation is doing so well statewide. Perhaps our residents are more interested in politics? I know that these rankings take into account our hits, page views, comments, etc. All have been way up this week.

I do think that the fact that we have a team of writers from every political bent helps. Our readers are very diverse, to say the least. Moreover, we have a lot of influence locally in the city that many of us hail from, Santa Ana.

We also live in a Democratic state, so it makes sense that we would do well in that environment, given that many of our writers are Democrats, and I as an independent am free to write good things about them at my discretion.

Obviously these numbers are going to fluctuate weekly, but it is nice to be number one for now!

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