Orange Juice! ranked as one of California’s "Most Influential Political Blogs" has released its first list of “California’s Most Influential Political Blogs.” I am very pleased to report that Orange Juice! is listed in the top 10 – above established major league blogs like the O.C. Register’s “Orange Punch.”

I offer my sincere thanks to our readers and to my fellow bloggers for making this blog such a popular site – not just in Orange County but throughout the state. Indeed, we have readers all over the U.S. (see the map below).

Congratulations to Jubal/Matt Cunningham and his band of merry Reeps over at Red County/OC Blog. Coming in first place is quite an achievement. Kudos also to my friends at the Liberal OC. Their readership has really picked up over the last few weeks. They truly deserve their Top 15 ranking.

And a big raspberry to all of our detractors, who often say that no one reads this site. They are, apparently, quite wrong about that! As sports commentator Jim Rome likes to say, “Scoreboard!”

Here is the official release from, regarding how they put together this ranking system:

Welcome to the next step from . Over the weekend, we launched a new feature that ranks which California state politics and news blogs are having the most influence on the direction of conversation in the state blogosphere.

Our rankings come from data provided in your RSS feeds, data from the activity of readers on and data about Internet traffic from third parties. Each Sunday morning at 12:01 AM, BNN will release a new top 20 list of the blogs most powerfully shaping opinion in the California blogosphere. Every week, you can find the list here: .

If you want to promote your ranking, we have some tools to help you do that here (automated so they change each week as your rankings change): .

We first tested this a couple months ago in the Virginia blogosphere where the rankings met with some controversy. We’ve tried to learn from how that worked and improved our system since then. What you’re seeing isn’t a final product, we have improvements underway to strengthen our data and we’ll be tracking the results closely over the next few months to try to learn how we can make this more accurate and reliable. Remember that because these are weekly rankings — based only on seven days data — small and new blogs can have really good showings from time to time while older, more established blogs will show their strength by staying in the top 20 from week to week.

In the meantime, I am happy to hear your questions or concerns. In order to prevent bloggers from trying to game the system, we have to keep the exact makeup of the rankings system to ourselves, but we can say it includes, traffic, comments, links, clicks, ratings and still more data that make the BNN Influence Rankings the single most comprehensive source for information on what’s happening in the California blogosphere.

Dave Mastio, Editor

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