O.C. Political "Chismes"

Never mind what you might have heard elsewhere. My pajaritos tell me that former O.C. Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Levin tanked the fundraiser that was supposed to feature House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. He did so by telling folks that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was in on it, when in fact she was not. He had neglected to tell her about it.

Jubal/Matt Cunningham, over at Red County/OC Blog, seems to be enthralled by Levin’s version of the story, which maintains that Sanchez ruined the event by going straight to Pelosi in a snit over who was going to get the money raised by the event.

B.S. That is not how it happened. This is, according to my sources, an attempt by Levin to get revenge on the way out. The joke is on Levin though as this thoroughly burns whatever bridges he had left in the O.C. Hasta la bye bye Mikey.

Besides – it is hard to believe that Sanchez have a cow due to, as Jubal put it, “the fund raiser would take money away from her.” Why does she need the money? The O.C. GOP has NO CHANCE of ever defeating her. I don’t care if Van Tran himself runs against her. No se puede!

Even Martin Wisckol, over at Total Buzz, said that, “The reasoning provided by Jubal seems a bit of a stretch.” Yes it does!

Mike Lawson, over at Liberal OC, summarized this mess quite well, “Maybe Matt Cunningham was right when he said that

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