Nguyen story "fizzles" in the end

O.C. Register reporter Martin Wisckol’s vendetta for O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen has become quite tiresome. He has been pestering her for over 50 days, due to a late financial report. She filed it on Thursday, and even Wisckol had to admit that the story “ended with an apparent fizzle.” You know why Martin? Because it never mattered in the first place!

So why did Nguyen file the report late? “An accompanying letter from her attorney, Phil Greer, questioned whether the “reporting obligations are applicable to the situation.” That is what her campaign said from the start – but Wisckol wasn’t happy with that answer. Now he is thoroughly embarrassed to have wasted so much time on a non-story. At least he ought to be.

Wisckol also reported that “Shirley Grindle, author of the county’s campaign finance ordinance, has said that Nguyen was in violation of the law and urged her to comply.” So what? Grindle is not elected to anything. Her opinion is just that – her opinion.

So after all of this ridiculous brouhaha, who gave money to this fund – which was set up to help Nguyen pay for her legal fees after Van Tran’s henchman, Trung Nguyen, sued her?

“…two of the contributors

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