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ON TARGET Episode Three

The 2006 Grand Goldie Film Award recipient for Documentary Excellence; Cutting Edge-atalkshow and Parker Longbow productions takes pleasure in announcing our latest “On Target” series program.
Sandy Genis, member of the Cutting Edge a talk show and former Mayor of Costa Mesa, joins producer Ron Winship and myself as we analyze the impact of the Internet. Virtually free access to the world wide web has surely opened the globe in respect to communication and information research. Of the 6.5 billion people in the world today roughly one billion are connected to the web either through dial-up or broadband and that number is exploding.

In addition to our Cutting Edge coverage of political events and one-on-one interviews with leading figures in a wide array of fields, we also offer our opinions on major stories in the “On Target” series that can be found on the Home Page of our web site.
The second On Target series, that can be found in the On Target archives, dealt with the news anchor and their debatable coverage of major news stories. The third in this series, that is now on our web site, is our assessment of the electronic media….the Internet.
Although a graduate of Stanford University Sandy admits to being a “ledite” which in English terms is someone who is “technologically challenged.” Pundits Sandy, Ron and myself devoted almost an hour discussing the impact of the Internet on today’s generation. In addition to the analysis we also covered immigration, health care and briefly the 2008 election.
This one hour, cost and commercial free, video may be viewed 24/7 simply by visiting the home page of our web site and clicking the On Target window

at the following

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