Is appointment out of bounds?

I was a bit surprised this evening when I took a look at Red County/OC Blog and found that my name was on one of their headlines. Apparently Jubal/Matt Cunningham read the agenda for the next O.C. Board of Supervisors meeting and found out that I was nominated for the O.C. Public Facilities Corporation by Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

And then Cunningham added this comment to his post, “Art, as readers know, harshly denounced the efforts by this blog, Total Buzz, and Calitics to prod Janet Nguyen into disclose the three secret donors to her illegal legal defense fund, terming the effort a “blog lynching.”

Amazing. In so many words Cunningham accused me of not joining in on his “blog lynching” of Supervisor Nguyen because I was holding out for an appointment. He essentially accused me of participating in a payola scheme. Even though my blog is essentially non-profit whereas Red County/OC Blog makes thousands of dollars in ad revenue every month.

When Cunningham was appointed by Supervisor Bill Campbell to the O.C. Harbors, Beaches & Parks Commission, I don’t recall ripping him. Would that he were equally gracious.

As one would expect, various anonymous commenters on Red County/OC Blog immediately accused me of being unqualified and lacking credibility. I wonder what Cunningham’s credentials are, by comparison?

The fact is, Supervisor Campbell appointed him because they are longtime friends. And Supervisor Nguyen is attempting to appoint me because I live in the district, and I have been a supporter of hers for some time now.

And yes, I am indeed qualified. I have both the requisite education and the work experience to perform the job at hand. I am in fact a construction safety expert, as an OSHA authorized construction safety trainer, and I work as a Safety Director for a $68 million contractor. I have years of political experience as well. Why not appoint me?

Granted, I am no longer a Republican. But isn’t the Board of Supervisors supposed to be non-partisan? If so, I ought to fit right in as a DTS (Decline to State) voter.

And yes, I do blog in my spare time. But so does Cunningham – and so did Jon Fleischman when he too was a commissioner, while working for O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona. So being a blogger should not preclude me from serving as a county commissioner.

Let’s be honest about this. Cunningham is no fan of mine. And neither are the OC Reeps in general. Oh well. I am not going to lose much sleep over that.

Supervisor Nguyen is doing a great job of working with the people in her district. I am one of the most politically active people in the First District. As such my pending appointment should not come as a surprise.

I look forward to serving my fellow residents in the First District.

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