In Search of the Idle Rich!

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Paris Hilton….oh whoa be to us for mention of the name.
Paris Hilton….the dancing nabob and icon of the rich
recently released from the lowest of low places on earth.
Paris Hilton, who may soon do a television show on the
Homeless, Unwed Mothers, Disabled Teenagers and the Michael
Moore group of uninsured illegal immigrants in the United
States. Oh for that wondrous search for “relevance in our
society” by the victimized, guilt ridden rich of our state
and our society.

For those that missed the Larry King interview last night..
and missed seeing the “Release of Paris”…from her
incarceration the evening before….one had to be struck
by her total dedication to “being real and relevant” to
be best of her ability. Paris however, lacks that political
savvy to have her handlers “do a run through” before doing
this show. Even Larry King was finding it hard to ask any
question that might find “relevance”. “Since you have
found God….during your incarceration…what is your favorite
Biblical passage?” asked King. “Uh……I really don’t
have one!” she remarked. Trying to save her answer, King
then followed up: “Are you going to go to Mass?” he asked.
“Oh…. yes.” she replied.

Larry got down sometime after that one! “Have you done drugs?”
he asked. “No…….” she responded. So, it went on and on
like this for quite a while. King never followed up to ask
about the photos of her doing Marijuana with a rock star! But
hey, this is just a 26 year old multi-millionaire girl, with
five companies and too much time yet on her hands….and who
is trying to find herself. As we all know, 25-30 is the most
dangerous age of all. We all are at our best mentally and
physically….yet our context and place in the society is just
a little too off…and everyone notices but those so affected.

So, let’s be forgiving. She is not a Kennedy…she actually
has some relatives that have some compunctions….Nicky is
cute and tries her best to stay out of the limelight….right!
Kathy her mom runs the social functions of the Hilton clan
and keeps all the SUV’s fully serviced. The Dad is about as
smart as a can of clams. Face it, they are Priming Paris to
be the next Christie Hefner! Maybe Bob Guccione and Penthouse
magazine need a strong Publisher. Paris could easily fill
the bill…ya think?

Ok, we have beaten up on this issue enough to be main stream,
but the truth of it all is – that in the good old days…..
the Rich knew their place. They remained Idle, unobtrusive
and inaccessible to all but the “other very, very rich”. But
what has happened is “Rich Guilt”. The Bernie Ebbers of the
world – remember World Com? The Jeff Skillings of the world
– remember Enron? These “Rich” pretenders have created the
Paris Hilton victim and guilt trip. The Martha Stewart victim
and guilt trip. The Rosie O’Donnell victim and guilt trip.
Yes, celebrity living is not what it used to be. People could
go literally decades without an errant newspaper report or
dicey video. The camera phone has changed it all. The up the
skirt of Britany Spears….the drunk David Hasselhoff….the
busted Lindsay Lohan…and what’s funny is – they aren’t even

At any rate, we need the Rich of America to go back to being
what they should be: The Idle Rich! Stay out of the papers,
don’t do national interviews, have your entourage of 20 people,
and never arrive to any event in anything that someone might
consider “pretentious”! The result would be wonderful…half
to seventy percent of all the news we watch…would be off the
air. They might even have to cover County Supervisor meetings
or City Council gatherings. But in the meantime…..

Aw, what the heck…”We will always…have Paris..kid!”

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