Has the title of our president changed from George W. Bush to King George?

As a conservative Republican, who voted for George W. Bush, I am one of many who are not satisfied with his recent full court press on the immigration issue.

We elected a president whose top priority is to protect public safety which includes our borders. That power does not translate into selectively enforcing part of our laws. Knowing of the vast number of workers in our country since before he took office how many of the employers have been taken to the woodshed? We elect a president not a King in this Republic.

As we approach the 4th of July let me take us back in time to King George III who, on August 23rd 1775, issued a Proclamation for suppressing rebellion and sedition at the Court in Saint James. The text of which reads in part as follows:

“WHEREAS many of the subjects in divers parts of our Colonies and Plantations in North America, misled by dangerous and ill designing men, and forgetting the allegiance which they owe to the power that has protected and supported them…etc…”

Well, American patriots took matters into their own hands and on Oct 19, 1781 Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, VA.

Fast forward to today where our elected officials inside the beltway are about to cast a very important vote. Those of us from the shore of North Carolina to the apple orchards in the State of Washington are not happy with this arrogance. Let’s not overlook the silent majority who surely have not been silent in voicing our concerns in this matter. We simply do not trust that the government will enforce any laws with respect to illegal entry and prosecution of employers hiring illegal workers. Our laws have not been enforced over the past 20 years. That said, why should we trust you now?
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