Going Green for all the wrong reasons!

In January, Cutting Edge – a talk show happened to do a show
with a nationalized Greek fellow named Evaggelos Vallianatos
who worked for the EPA for 27 years. The show is very
forthcoming and enlightening. Larry Gilbert our Investigative
reporter asked the Professor what effect Ethanol production would
have on our ability to meet our energy needs. The Professor
said that the effects on fossil fuel production would be minimal
and the effect would be that Corn would be directed away from
the food supply and raise the cost to the public. It hasn’t
taken long…and some other “unintended consequences” are now
starting to raise their ugly heads as well.

It seems that the oil producing countries see the Greening
process as an easy way to manipulate the “free market place” and
reduce production of oil to the public, the world and especially
the United States. So, as American farmers move out of other
traditional crops and into the Corn/Ethanol market..the Venezuela’s
of the world crank down the clamps on oil production to raise
the prices even higher. For those who don’t get it…they call it:
“The Law of Diminishing Returns”. Unless 126 countries decide to
quit using fossil fuels and move into Ethanol…….the price of
Ethanol will rise rapidly and the cost of oil will rise rapidly.

So, what happens when they shift to Nuclear Energy for Electricity?
You got it….the price of oil will rise again….the number of
cracking Petroleum refineries will diminish even further and our
world oil supply will simply go to China, Indonesia, Pakistan and

Enough complaining here….what is “a solution”? We care not
what the solution is, but that we need one desperately. Why not
start with the Electricity supply around the world? Let’s just
decide that from now on….no coal fired plants, no oil burning
wonders, no non Nuclear production of Electricity. Hyrdro-electric
and Nuclear only? You bet…we could actually do “something” about
global warming and in one felled swoop – we take one customer away
from every oil producing country in the world. Is it possible?
Not likely! Should we do it? Of course! Is all this Al Gore
nonsense about global warming just another up front “shill-job”
for the Oil Companies? Of course! Do the people always lose when
they talk about reducing pollution? Most of the time. What is
really dangerous however, is wanting to use food crops/Corn Ethanol
to control the price of oil and by doing so…..then reducing the
available crops for food staples in the world.

The cash crops of Cocoa, Almonds and others take away the Wheat,
Rice, Soy and Corn production. For those of us who eat at
Cheesecake Factory or better…it is no problem. For those in
third world countries it is a death sentence. Just look at Darfur.
Civil wars only occur when commodities are limited and someone
is going to starve!

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