California GOP hires two immigrants as COO and Political Director

Unbelievable. The California GOP recently hired an immigrant to head up their party operations. And according to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Michael Kamburowski, the Australian immigrant hired as a top official in the California Republican Party, was ordered deported in 2001, jailed three years later for visa violations — and has filed a $5 million wrongful arrest lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to U.S. District Court documents.”

Wow! Don’t let Allan Bartlett find out that this guy is a criminal (Bartlett, a blogger over at the Powder Blue Report) is quite fond of saying that anyone who violates immigration laws is a criminal). I am sure that if Kamburowski was a guy named Lopez, from Mexico instead of Canada, Bartlett would be calling for his head!

But wait, there’s more, “News of Kamburowski’s troubled immigration past comes on the heels of revelations in The Chronicle earlier this month that the state GOP used a highly sought-after H1B visa to hire another immigrant as a top consultant.”

Oh my – the California GOP had to IMPORT a guy to run their party. Priceless. When you consider how many of their in-state machine guys are knuckle-dragging immigrant bashers, I guess it makes sense that they had to look outside the box to find someone to be their CEO.

Kamburowski’s job will be to be, “responsible for the state party’s multimillion-dollar budget and oversee campaign funds and financing for the nation’s largest state GOP organization.”

But wait, there is even more to this story, “Christopher Matthews, a Canadian citizen with no experience in statewide politics, was hired this month after the California Republican party applied for, and received, an H1B visa specifically to fill the role of “political director,” according to U.S. Department of Labor data.”

That’s right – the California GOP had to import TWO immigrants to run their party! You just can’t make this stuff up! Here’s how the Chronicle put it:

In a week in which the immigration bill is being revisited by Congress — and after Republican presidential candidates and party officials nationwide have called for secure borders and tough enforcement of illegal immigration — the past immigration troubles of a high-ranking California GOP official has the potential to both endanger Republican fundraising in crucial California, the nation’s political ATM, while also handing Democratic opponents ammunition for coming campaigns.”

Kamburowski sued the U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and its agents in U.S. District Court in New York in December 2005, charging that he suffered “significant financial hardship” and “severe emotional stress and embarrassment” when immigration officials ordered him deported, detained and imprisoned for visa violations — actions he claims were illegal, according to court documents on file.”

Isn’t that amazing? You’re right Kamburowski – when immigration officials seize innocent people for visa violations, they do indeed cause all kinds of hardship. But your party is generally OK with that…

Here is how the California GOP chairman, Ron Nehring, defended the hiring of these two guys, “Our job at the California GOP is to build the most effective campaign organization,” Nehring said. “And the fact that we have two people on staff who want to become Americans … is a great story that is at the heart of what the Republican Party is all about.”

Uh no, you’re wrong Nehring. Most of the elected officials in your party, and those who are part of your party machinery, are actually quite opposed to helping people become Americans – unless they are not Latinos, apparently.

The Chronicle even tracked down one of Kamburowski’s former bosses, but what he had to say didn’t sound good, “Kamburowski’s former boss in the Dominican Republic resort town of Punta Cana — where Kamburowski worked until February — expressed astonishment that the Australian was hired for such an important financial job in a major political party. “I wouldn’t give him my company to run, I can tell you that,” said Rico Pester, the owner of Re/Max Island Realty in the fashionable Caribbean beach region.”

Here is the capper to the story, “Kamburowski’s current resume — which states his objective is “to play a major role in the reshaping of the California Republican Party into a hyper-effective political organization” — shows no employment from 2000-2006. Sources said that during at least some of those years he called himself an aspiring actor, and occasionally worked in desk clerk jobs before he eventually tried his hand at selling real estate in New York and the Dominican Republic, which he left in February.”

“Aspiring actor?” I can imagine what the California GOP bosses thought when they saw that on his resume. “That means he is just like Ronald Reagan! Hire him already!”

Sure enough, Nehring said that, Kamburowski “was inspired by Ronald Reagan to come to America.” ROFLMAO!

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