215 days…and still waiting for Jubal to mention Bilodeau’s trial

Red County/OC Blog editor Jubal/Matt Cunningham and I have been involved in a protracted discussion on his blog regarding Janet Nguyen and Van Tran, amongst others. My contention is that Cunningham pretends to be fair and even handed, but in truth he picks on people he doesn’t like and ignores the acts of his friends in the O.C. GOP machine.

That is certainly his right – but he often insinuates that what I do is somehow worse than what he does. Cunningham may be more nuanced…but his sin is omission, and that is just as effective as anything I write about the politicians I don’t like (and that list is a long one).

Apparently I wrote that Cunningham was a hypocrite recently, and he deleted my post and then threatened to ban me from his blog. That is his right – but isn’t it hypocritical for Cunningham to rip Janet Nguyen for 53 days while he has TOTALLY IGNORED a far more serious crime – because it involves his friend, Orange Councilman Denis Bilodeau.

Nguyen did not file a campaign report on time because she and her legal advisers had questions about it. Bilodeau, on the other hand, was caught stealing a campaign sign last year that belonged to his opponent, Carol Rudat. (See the picture above). But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what O.C. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas had to say about the Bilodeau matter in a press release dated November 6, 2006, “Orange County Water District board of directors member Denis Robert Bilodeau, 38, Orange, was charged with misdemeanor petty theft and malicious mischief or vandalism. The maximum sentence for this case is six months in jail.”

Rackauckas has included an item regarding Bilodeau’s upcoming trial, which begins on June 12, in his latest case management list. I have included a reproduction of the part that mentions Bilodeau above.

Nguyen faces perhaps a fine for her late report. Bilodeau is looking at six months in jail. Why isn’t Red County/OC Blog reporting on his trial? Why did they make such a big deal about Nguyen, comparatively speaking?

It has been 215 days since Rackauckas first put out a press release about the charges against Bilodeau. And we are still waiting for Cunningham to mention this case on his blog.

If you get tired of waiting for Red County/OC Blog to write about Bilodeau, you can read more about Bilodeau’s shenanigans at the Denis Bilodeau Exposed website.


As of today, Tuesday, June 12, there has still been no mention of this story on Red County/OC Blog. That brings us to 217 days without mention of this story!

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