Sheriff Carona’s follies continue

It’s not a good day for Orange County’s “top lawman.” The O.C. Register reported today that O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona “Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona appointed 86 political allies, campaign contributors, friends and relatives to the sheriff’s reserve program soon after he was elected in January 1999.” This was revealed by a supervisor who disclosed the information in a deposition released yesterday.

As one might expect, “Carona asked a judge to seal the testimony to stop it from being given to the media.” Too bad Mikey!

The “deposition was taken earlier this month as part of a $4 million lawsuit brought by two golfers who allege the sheriff’s one-time friend and former reserve deputy, Raymond Yi, flashed a reserve badge and threatened them with a department-issued gun.”

Over at the O.C. Weekly, we found out this week that Carona’s mafia buddy, Frederick “Rick” Rizzolo, “flew into John Wayne Airport and mocked his upcoming 366-day stint in a federal penitentiary,” on April 28 and 29, at the Ritz in Newport Beach.

Carona “accepted a re-election contribution from Rizzolo in the 2006 campaign. He returned the money after an embarrassing news article. Ironically, the two men have previously partied together inside the Ritz.”

As it turns out, Carona has more than one goomba buddy, “The swank Ritz is owned by Vegas

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