O.C. Political "Chismes"

Word is that Dennis Kucinich made the best speech at the Democratic Party Convention last week. A friend of mine noted that had John Kerry gone with Kucinich as his V.P., he might have carried Ohio. And he might be our President today.

One Democrat who had an awkward time in San Diego last week was freshman Assemblyman Jose Solorio. He decided to back Hillary Clinton for President, but she forgot to mention him during a stump speech. It turned out that her staff screwed up and sources tell me that she bared her fangs and lit into her staffers. Solorio was later seen by her side at a subsequent appearance.

Solorio also told a friend of mine that there is nothing he can do about the proposed expansion of Markland Industries – a company that was caught polluting Santa Ana. Really? Sounds like B.S. to me.

One more Solorio story – he had an open house recently at his office, but only two or three Santa Ana residents showed up. Maybe he should have moved his office from Anaheim to Santa Ana?

Will Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido make an appearance this time if immigrant activists run amok in his city? Supposedly pro-immigration activists are supposed to protest tomorrow to commemorate International Worker’s Day. I think Pulido will likely end up hiding under his bed again.

Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez is being coy about the possibility of running against Pulido in 2008 – but I think she could beat him, particularly if Clinton is the Democratic Party’s nominee. Clinton will draw women to the polls, giving Martinez a huge edge over Pulido, who this time will fail to get the O.C. Democratic Party nomination. That much I guarantee. Pulido got the endorsement last year because he was not opposed by any Democrats.

Finally, a friend of mine mentioned the other day that O.C. GOP consultant Bryan Lanza is not working on a big race in Louisiana. Apparently he is working with a third-tier Republican gubernatorial candidate.

The front runner in Louisiana is Congressman Bobby Jindal, a guy Lanza has no love for. Weird. Seems like a waste of Lanza’s time. He usually works on only the biggest races. Not much going on in the O.C. right now, so I guess he had to take what he could find. The lives of political consultants are often nomadic in nature – and not always much fun.

Assemblyman Jim Silva has an event in O.C. this Thursday night, at 6 p.m. at the Hilton Waterfront, in Huntington Beach. California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and former CRP State Chairman Shawn Steel (and/or his wife, Board of Equalization member Michele) will be there to speak. I am told that a “who’s who” of the O.C. GOP will be attending. I wonder if Silva will remember how to get to the hotel?

One more thing – I read over at Red County that Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, O.C. Sherif Mike Carona and O.C. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas are all backing Rudy Giuliani for President. Barf! I was leaning towards Rudy too, but not with those creeps backing him. Looks like I will have to keep looking for someone to back for the Presidency. Maybe Fred Thompson?

One thing for sure – I won’t be backing John Edwards. He is already talking about raising taxes, in order to fund health care. Not a real sound strategy there Johnny. Voters don’t like to see their taxes raised.

As for Hillary? No way. She sounds like a real “gritona.” No thanks!

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