Mr. President….save us from the hoard!

In the last few days Legislation has come forward that
offers a supposed “Reasonable Compromise” to the Immigration
issue. Perhaps the legislation does everything necessary to
address the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration? We doubt
that however. Perhaps, it span is too wide? Perhaps it
misses something? Perhaps it is only a Political Reality
that must be brought forward?

Our suggestion is that the “Z” solution is too easy and
does not differienciate between people that have been here
10 years or 10 months. This seems blatantly “unfair” on the
surface. We believe that there is a difference and one which
should be addressed correctly. If an illegal immigrant has
been in the United States on a continual basis for over seven
years….have not broken any laws….or have served their
country in the Armed Forces…..these are the people who
should get the “Z” Visas….and should NOT be charged $5000
dollars to proceed. This group should be able to apply for
a Government Grant that will pay the $5000 dollars. The Grant
process should be one provided by DHS. This would require a
serious background for birth records..and
assured identification!

The 2nd tier of immigrants should be “Z-2” Visas which would
include immediate family members….wife, husband and children
only. All others would be “Z-3” Visas….which would include
Grandmothers and Fathers, brothers, nephews, aunts and uncles.
Mainly – all others!

The price for bringing these NON-Productive people or dependents
into the country should be HIGHER. NO Government Grants should
be available for this purpose. The process from “former homeland
to the United States” should not exceed “five years”!

Mr. President….let’s just take another long look at what
the Congress is proposing. It seems very flawed and unfair
on the surface to both the new immigrants and to the current
citizens of the United States. The most important part of
this legislation should include very serious fines and jail
time if necessary for employers and government officials that
hire “non-documented” immigrants. Either these immigrants
sign up and become employable…or they remain without papers
and become liabilities to those who might employ them.

If someone has a better solution….stand up and be counted!

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