Republicans attack Nguyen but give Carona a free pass

It is never surprising when the folks at Red County/OC Blog attack OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen, but their latest effort is breathtaking. Their editor, Matt Cunningham/Jubal, takes her to task for voting against Supervisor Chris Norby’s medicinal marijuana measure, and for voting against a watered down stance from Supervisor Bill Campbell. Fair enough – but then he postulates that she did it strictly for political reasons, so the vote won’t be used against her in two years. And he didn’t call her to ask if that was true.

I did speak to her, prior to the board meeting. She said something similar to what Supervisor Pat Bates said in the meeting – that there is a legal case pending in San Diego that will have ramifications on whatever we end up doing in OC. So why not wait for that case to be settled? Makes sense to me.

Nguyen also told me that she felt the federal government would squash whatever we end up doing in OC anyway. Ironically, OC Sheriff Mike Carona, a favored son of the Red County mob, announced that he, “wouldn’t change his policy and would continue confiscating the marijuana and the prescription-like paperwork.” What a jerk! Did Red County take him to task for this statement? Of course not. His campaign manager, John Lewis, is a member of their blog team.

By the way, you can read all about Carona’s escapades over at the OC Weekly this week. Very funny pictures and snarky comments abound – made my week of course. The picture that accompanies this post is just a preview of what awaits you at the OC Weekly.

O.C. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas also took a weenie position, as he “testified against the cards, saying people who want to “escape from the realities of life and get high for a while” will have an official license.” Sure Tony, having cancer is just a stroll in the park! Give me a break. I cannot believe this pompous gasbag is running for D.A. again. I am sure the Red County mob will unequivocally endorse him. Barf!

I asked Nguyen to vote for the measure, but she had her own reasons not to. At least she didn’t make the inane statements that came out of Carona and Rackauckas! However, even the O.C. Register ripped her, while giving Carona and T-Rack a pass. Figures. Their so enamored of Van Tran that nothing Nguyen does will ever satisfy them.

I think it is going to be like this for Nguyen for the duration of her two year term as a Supervisor. Her own party is gunning for her, for the most part, and the press won’t be doing anything to help her. She is going to have to dig in and make her own way. She has shown quite a bit of inner steel thus far – and the road doesn’t figure to get any easier to travel. I just wish her critics would hold her fellow Reeps to the same level of accountability. I won’t be holding my breath…

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