Pres Bush’s "alleged" draft "Z-visa" pathway to amnesty for illegals

Grassfire obtained a copy of a comprehensive immigration reform proposal that, according to their website, would:

1. Provides guaranteed three-step path to citizenship for 12-20 million illegals

2. Immediately creates a legal status for 12-20 million illegals

3. Allows current illegals to stay legally in our country indefinitely

4. Does not require a touch-back to obtain Z-visa (only for green card app)

5. Gives illegals health care/education benefits and back credit for Social Security wages

“Z visa” for illegals. Under the proposal being floated by the Bush Administration, a new classification of visas, the “Z visa,” would be created for all illegal aliens living in the United States at a certain point in time.”

You can download the 23 page document at the following URL.

This document, which has no cover page or table of contents, is dated Wednesday, March 28, 2007. For that reason I am somewhat skeptical as to the accuracy and source thereof. However I will let you read it for yourself and comment accordingly if you wish.

On the bottom of each page it reads “DELIBERATIVE-FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

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