Pot holes. Round 3 .Asphalt patch or slurry seal

I must commend Juice bloggers Art and Sean for alerting the readers on the pot hole conditions in Santa Ana.

Backdrop. The March 27th Register editorial reported that it will cost $467 million to fix up to 300 miles of Santa Ana roads.

In Mission Viejo last year we conducted our scheduled road maintenance in the south eastern part of our (17 square mile) city.

What jumps off the page is that delayed repairs might end up costing you seven times the cost of a periodic slurry seal.

We Contract out by specific streets length and width to arrive at a square footage number. That number, last year, was around 694,000 square feet of asphalt patch costing us $730,264, roughly $1.05 per square foot.

At the same time we slurry sealed 2,380,000 square feet at a cost of $351,148. This converts to about 15 cents per square foot. Notice the difference if you stay on top of your roads and fix them before the “pot holes” bury you.

So last year my city spent around $ one million dollars to cover 3 million square feet. I do not have the road mileage to do a direct comparison to Santa Ana’s 300 miles which, by itself, does not tell the entire story. How much material will that project require and how bad are the neglected pot holes?

Bottom line. Based on Juice prior blog reports someone should be held accountable for this road negligence.

Being a city watchdog takes a great deal of time and effort The first step is to put their feet to the fire which obviously is now underway. Step two is to demand an accounting of how we got here rather than simply passing the burden onto the residents.

Santa Ana activists. What are you hearing from your elected officials and city management?

Juice readers want to keep up with this story.

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