O.C. Political "Chismes"

Let’s start off with a big “thank you” to Mike Lawson, my amigo and fellow blogger over at Liberal OC. He designed the graphics we are using as our title headers. Great job Mike – gracias!

It looks like the first installment of this new column was quite a hit. The O.C. Register’s Total Buzz blog covered our chisme regarding the guy tabbed by the OC GOP to register new voters in central Orange County. That would be Saulo Londono, the campaign manager who sent Trung Nguyen to the border to stop the Mexicans. I’m sure that will go down real swell with the people of Santa Ana!

I love what Londono had to say about the story, over at the Total Buzz, “Although the blogs are heavily dramatizing the situation, the real reason for being quiet (about the new job) is quite simple: strategy.” Sure – great strategy. Maybe they can get Lupe Moreno and Tan Nguyen to help register new Reep voters too!

Red County/OC Blog stepped up to defend Londono, predictably. Matt Cunningham/Jubal referred to Londono’s successful track record. Last time I looked he LOST the last two campaigns he headed up. Maybe second place means first place in Jubal’s book?

I also heard today that the 8th floor at the Santa Ana City Hall was in an uproar over our item concerning Irene Ibarra’s campaign for Ward 5 on the Santa Ana City Council. Apparently the Ream/Pulido machine is taking her VERY seriously. They ought to just print up her cards now – this race is already over.

While we are on the subject of Santa Ana, apparently Council Member Claudia Alvarez is not running for Mayor after all. Instead she is gunning for Janet Nguyen’s seat on the O.C. Board of Supervisors. Too bad. I think she could beat Pulido. I hear that a prominent Santa Ana Commissioner is thinking about taking on Pulido – and she is a popular progressive Democrat.

Speaking of our friends in the blue party, a large contingent of Santa Ana Democrats is headed for San Diego next week, to hang out at the Democratic Party Convention. I am told that most of them, including Santa Ana Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Michele Martinez are backing John Edwards and/or Bill Richardson for President.

I told the folks at the Memphis Bar last night about Edwards’ $400 haircuts, which were widely reported in the MSM this week. Most folks didn’t take that well, with one exception (another blogger whose name I will keep in confidence). Edwards pays more for his haircuts than most Santa Ana residents make in a week! According to one media source, he is now trying to pay back his campaign account for the haircuts. And you can see him “feeling pretty” over at You Tube.

I took a quick poll as to what the Liberally Drinking contingent pays for haircuts. A friend from Garden Grove pays $7 – the guy who thought the $400 haircuts were just peachy pays $45, I pay $10, but tip $5, and one gal pays over $2,000 a year!

Word on the street is that Sarmiento has quickly vaulted over his fellow Councilman David “Benapuppet” Benavides and he is now considered the successor to Jose Solorio, in the State Assembly. Benavides has become a joke even within his own party. O.C. politicos have absolutely no respect for him and he, along with fellow Pulido puppet Carlos Bustamante, are considered to be likely one-term council members.

Here’s a shocker – Green Party member Nativo Lopez is going to the Democratic Convention too! Apparently his organizations, MAPA (Mexican American Political Association) and Hermandad Nacional are both going to be picketing the convention. They are angry about the Gutierrez-Flake Immigration Bill, known as the STRIVE ACT – they think it does not reflect the legitimate aspirations of immigrant families throughout the U.S.

I wonder why Lopez and his amigos won’t be picketing at next week’s Santa Ana Unified School District Board Meeting? I hear that a huge group of protesters will be there to call for the resignation of SAUSD trustees Rob Richardson, Audrey Noji and Rosie Avila.

I heard from my co-blogger Thomas Gordon tonight. He is working on a major story about the efforts of our city and our school board to pilfer our wallets. You would think that the SAUSD school board would be loathe to ask for more money after they wasted most of the last bond, but those criminals are planning to do exactly that.

As for the City of Santa Ana, it turns out their much ballyhooed phone survey revealed that NO ONE in Santa Ana wants to pay more taxes. What a surprise. And yet they too are proceeding with plans to either raise our taxes or go into debt via a bond. Either way they are on the wrong track. Here’s an idea – why not fire the city administrators who have failed to pave our streets, fix our parks and build new libraries?

I would be remiss if I did not mention the upcoming vigil against the shootings and violence in Santa Ana. Here are the details: Vigil against shootings, this Sunday, April 21, at 7:30 p.m., on the corner of Van Ness St. and Edinger Ave., in the historical Wilshire Square Neighborhood. The Vigil is coordinated by “Chicanos Unidos.” For information email Cpl. Madrigal A. Cuauhtlatoatzin.

Last but not least, I hear that a very successful aerospace engineer is going to run against corrupt Reep Congressman Gary Miller. Talk about ending on a positive note! I will have more information about this mysterious candidate in my next column.

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