No suprise: Carona’s department is corrupt

You think the O.C. Supervisors are beginning to regret supporting O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona in last year’s reelection? First he suspended his chief opponent, Lt. Bill Hunt, and then he reinstated him in such a low position that Hunt was compelled to resign.

Now we are finding out that Carona’s deputies, at the O.C. Jail, are apparently mistreating inmates. One even died after the guard in charge reportedly told the other inmates that the prisoner in question was a molester. And then of course the guards got busy watching T.V. instead of the inmates.

Is anyone really surprised by any of this? Carona has been seen hanging out with gangsters, and, as you can see in the picture that accompanies this post, he fashions himself to be some kind of goombah.

Carona never served in the field. The guy was a career Marshal, in the O.C. courts, and he lucked into the Sheriff’s office when many of us thought he really was going to be a positive force for change. Oops, we got that one wrong. Because Carona was never a real cop, my theory is that he has no clue what his deputies in the field or in the jail are up to. Along those lines, I also believe that he has fostered the current corrupt culture – the ultimate old boy’s network.

Remember that Carona previously was very close to the now-jailed George Jaramillo – a guy who truly defines the word “creepy.” In my opinion Carona is no better than Jaramillo. They were partners for years as Jaramillo engaged in all kinds of pornographic endeavors, many times while on duty. There were many witnesses that said Carona was just as big a pervert as Jaramillo. These are not good people.

Today an O.C. Register editorial called for an outside agency to look at abuse allegations coming from the county jail. Amen! Earlier this week, O.C. Register columnist Steven Greenhut wrote about how the TV that the guard was watching when an inmate was killed by his fellow prisoners has gone missing. Again, I am not surprised.

Greenhut also took a close look at other abuses in the O.C. jail in an editorial in today’s paper. Here is a compelling statement from that editorial: “I received scores of supportive correspondence, many of which shared additional stories and legal cases about similar abuse allegations. The county Board of Supervisors has no authority over the sheriff. But the county is stuck paying the settlements when abused prisoners file legal action (something I encourage any victim of abuse to pursue, given that it’s the only way to get anyone’s attention about the problem). It’s time for the board to hold hearings and let alleged victims speak out about what is going on behind the doors of the “gray bar hotel.”

So far Carona’s department has resisted outside scrutiny. But according to Greenhut, Supervisor Chris Norby has called for the O.C. District Attorney’s office to investigate this latest case. Greenhut wants the state Attorney General or the federal government to get involved. I agree with Greenhut. Does anyone think that Tony Rackauckas is really going to look objectively at the corruption in Carona’s department? They both report to O.C. GOP heavy Mike Schroeder, so no, I don’t think so.

So far it seems that most of the Supervisors are agreeing with Norby. I wish they had not endorsed Carona in the first place. It is partially their fault that he is still the Sheriff, and I won’t forget that. They need to call for outside investigation now, and start undoing their errors.

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