New blog to "Trash Dirty Gary"

Local Bloggers Launch “Trash Dirty Gary” to Hold Rep. Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) Accountable for Failing the Voters of the 42nd District

Not only is the FBI investigating Miller and his “ethically questionable land deals”, but so are the writers at Southern California’s newest political blog.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA- So why should anyone care about Representative Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) and the recent controversy over his land deals ? Why should anyone care about Gary Miller, when we all know that he will have an easy reelection next year? Why should anyone care about Gary Miller’s misuse of his power for his own personal gain, when other politicians do the same? Well, perhaps we should care because Gary Miller is doing a great disservice to his constituents. This is why a group of local bloggers in Southern California has started a new blog, ” Trash Dirty Gary“, that will take a hard look at just how poor of a job Miller is doing for the voters of California’s 42nd Congressional District. But still, why should anyone do such a thing like this? Why bother with a blog on a conservative Republican in a Republican-favored district? Well, ” Trash Dirty Gary ” blogger David Dayen answers that question best.

Some of you may be wondering why a group of progressive bloggers would bother to scrutinize a Republican Congressman in one of the reddest districts in California. The reason, simply, is that Gary Miller has betrayed the trust of his constituents and used his office as a means to personally benefit himself and his business. We feel that no voter should be left behind, and that the people of the 42nd district deserve to have a Representative who has a a greater belief in public service than simply being a cash cow.

Yes, Miller may be a Republican. And yes, the 42nd Congressional District may lean Republican. However, the voters in this district still appreciate honor and integrity. And right now, they are not getting that from this Congressman who has been named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as one of the twenty most corrupt members of Congress . The voters of the 42nd District deserve much better member of Congress than someone who is being investigated by the FBI for his questionable land deals.

So what exactly will this blog do about Gary Miller? Andrew Davey, another “ Trash Dirty Gary” blogger, offers a simple answer.

This blog is here to raise questions about Gary Miller, his land deals, his voting record, and just how well (or poorly) he’s serving the people of the
42nd District. And of course, this blog is also here to answer any and all of YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS. What exactly is Gary Miller doing (or NOT DOING) for you and for your neighborhood? Go ahead and feel free to tell us about it.

Basically, this blog is for the voters of the 42nd District. This is our chance to examine Gary Miller’s real record. This is our chance to hold Gary Miller responsible for his actions. This is our chance to make some change. So where do you want to start?

And hopefully, this blog is only the start of a local grassroots effort in the 42nd District to hold Gary Miller accountable for his actions.

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