Immigrants in CA! They are not all from Mexico & Latin America

I just received the Public Policy Institute of CA PPIC April 2007 report entitled “Immigrants in California.”

While we focus on “illegal” immigration it might be of interest to analyze this new report. For example: “One in four Californians is an immigrant.” 4.3 million came from Mexico, 739,000 the Philippines, 469,000 from China and 451,000 from Vietnam.
“Fewer than half of California’s foreign-born residents are citizens.”

“Millions of California immigrants are not eligible to naturalize because they are not legal U.S. residents. The I.N.S. estimated that 40 percent of the nation’s unauthorized immigrants in 1996 resided in California (2 million out of 5 million in the nation.”)

Let’s compare two groups, those from India, one of the largest immigrant groups in California, to those from Mexico. “Two-thirds of those from India have college degrees” while “63 percent of those from Mexico have not completed high school.”

On a personal note. It becomes frustrating when writers ignore those, like my father, who came into this country “legally” through Ellis Island. We currently have people from every corner of the globe standing in line for five to ten years waiting to get a green card. They do care about this nation and come here with empty pockets with every intent to become productive members of our society.

A year ago several of us were protesting against the CRA of LA in support of a property owner in Hollywood. On our drive to this business location we passed hundreds of Latino’s standing shoulder to shoulder on the overpasses of the 101 freeway waving hand made banners and Mexican flags. Hanging the Mexican flag above an upside down U.S. flag at Montebello High School was despicable. From that demonstration these protesters let us know that they have no desire to enter a path to U.S. citizenship.

You can find the entire two page report at the PPIC web site.
OK readers.

Yes, I am mixing issues but they are related. Legal and illegal immigration and education.

How do we explain the difference in education achievement between those here from Asia with those from Latin America and Mexico?

What suggestions can you offer to repair this education shortcoming?

Why are half of the students in the LAUSD dropping out of school?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the book entitled “Kill Your Teacher” written by Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a former L.A. City school teacher, whose life was threatened and his High School classroom burned to the ground.

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