Why did over 75,000 Santa Ana registered voters boycott the Special Election?

As we await the outcome of the pending court trial to determine the victor in the race to replace former Supervisor Lou Correa in the First Supervisorial District I thought we could all participate in a blog survey regarding the poor voter turnout in this Special Election. Not to pick on Santa Ana, the largest city in Orange County, I checked with the Registrar’s office on their participation in the Feb 6th Special Election.There are 93,523 registered voters in Santa Ana of which only 17,090 voted on Feb 6th. This represents just over 18 percent.

The First District has 205,459 Registered voters of which 22.4 percent, 45,946 cast ballots in the Special Election.

As the largest voting block in the First District the following question warrants debate. Why did 76,433 registered Santa Ana voters boycott the Special Election?

Let me preface my listing of possible reasons for their failure to participate by stating that Santa Ana’s code enforcement department did not obstruct the candidates in posting their signage. As I often drive to the Hall of Administration using different routes the city was plastered with candidate signs, many of which were huge mini billboards. Not attending or viewing Santa Ana City Council meetings I do not know if Mayor Pullido reminded people to engage in, what my side calls, GOTV. Get Out the Vote.

Based on your feedback I will share your thoughts on the following random reasons:

1. Unhappy that Senator Lou Correa, whom we elected to the First District, didn’t complete his term in office

2. Didn’t like the choices

3. Too many candidates to select only one

4. Couldn’t find a stamp for the envelope

5. Couldn’t find a pen or pencil to mark the ballot

6. I only registered so that the person who signed me up could make a few bucks

7. As I am turned off on all these elections.. I boycotted as a protest

8. I forgot the date

9. I had other things to do on Feb 6th

10. The dog ate my ballot

11. polls closed to early

12. I couldn’t find my polling place

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