Subpoenas "the Redux"

Lord of the Flies….was this great movie where all
these nice kids from an English boarding school learn
survival techniques. The Fat kid gets picked on..they
even name him “Piggy”…and on and on until they decided
that he must die and another cruel nasty little mean guy
…finally ends up killing him. This was a real “morality
play”. Sort of reminded you of Mutiny on the Bounty with
Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. Luckily, it played on
a twin movie bill with “Suddenly Last Summer” which was
Elizabeth Taylor in a white see-through bathing suit along
with Montgomery Clift. At any rate it would be a real
treat to see all those kids today…from Lord of the
Flies (1963), all grown up and have them review their
various performances now. But then they probably couldn’t
take the TRUTH anymore than most Democrats can take
the truth right now!

Our point for the “Calitics” orientated readers out there;
is that time has a wonderful way of soothing the savage
beast and making very unacceptable behavior seem “extremely
rational in “today’s society”. Most people forget history
and most times only remember what came out wonderfully
for them and theirs personally. These folks are the same
liberal voices that put on a happy face when they hear
about Child Molesters, Rapists, Geoffrey Dahmer, or even
Hannibal Lector. These are the apologists of our society
and when they are listed as “Expert Witnesses”; or worse
….just as common citizens that complain bitterly about
Second hand smoke and loud country and western music; and
then support more Rehab housing in a neighborhood down the
street . As President Kennedy once said: “It is better
to light a candle than to curse the darkness!”

As President Bush sits atop this big top Circus….run
by the Jabberwocky Democrats – complaining that “enough
boys have died”….in the defense of “what?”, we find it
rather the unpleasant duty to alert all concerned…that
“Peace in Our Time” was a vision before Christ died on
the Cross. For those who contest that issue – before the
Pyramids were a Surf Sound group in the 60’s……and long
before the Knights of the Templar took Mary Magdalene to
France. Get it? So, we are fully backing President Bush:
not you yellow, pinko, cowardly, slime – that are out to
get our man!

Ok…back to subpoenas….which of course was the reason
for this little cheesy ditty. Sadly, there are Republicans
out here in the netherland that love Rudy G…..they don’t
back David Duke….Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo. They think
Arnold is a huge turncoat…..but aren’t saying it out
loud. They are afraid that the Republican Party has become
the Democratic Party……and that even Ralph Nader has
become too conservative too. They know that Fred Thompson
is a double dealer and that Mitt Romney is a nice guy who
will finish last behind McCain. They are watching as the
ghost Al Gore calls for the end of global warming and Botox
Hillary collects more endorsements than Barney Frank on
a week-end in the Catskills.

Flatulence is not next to Godliness and whatever Alberto G.
… has to say….only one of two things will happen after
it is all over: (1) He will be fired or (2) He will not be
fired. We support him NOT being fired by a bunch of “gun
grabbing” New York Democrats. He should not be under
Subpoena ever! So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

President Bush is still in office for two years and
8 months….so like it or lump it. We also love Dick Cheney
and whatever you have to say about his pregnant lesbian
daughter cuts no ice with us. We also love General Pace
…even though he is a Marine. We still want to kick
some Iraqi and Iranian tail out there in the badlands.
Yes, of course we sense those yellow belly Democrat pain
and frustrations…oh how desparately you must want a
new Administration.. and so right now! Well fellas and
gals ….ain’t goin happen.

Don’t forget what the President’s dad said: “Thousand
points of light!” “Stay the course!” “And to change now
would not be prudent!” Be part of the solution rather
than part of the problem….hmmm…don’t know who said
that. Sorry!

So, run right out there and demand that everyone in the
Bush Administration be under subpoena..spin your wheels,
get your tow chain wrapped around the axle. But if all
else fails….you might just want to try to understand
history, the facts, the truth and stop reading your Daily
Worker and Time magazine.

We remove ourselves from Iraq…..we will be paying $10
dollars a gallon for gasoline. But hey, for you richy,
rich liberals…. no problema! How about a good deal
on sub-prime Real Estate loans? Oh, you heard about
that one ..well, then you will just have to subpoena us
– we suppose!

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