March 14th Statement of Thomas LaSorda, Pres CEO Daimler Chrysler

No. This post is not about Tommy LaSorda of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the team I grew up with. As I do not have a link to the following speech I herein publish the entire text. On March 14th, Thomas LaSorda, Pres CEO of DaimlerChrysler, addressed the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality and Committee on Energy and Commerce. Due to the length of his remarks part one follows:

“Mr Chairman and Members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me to testify before you on the subject of climate change. DaimlerChrysler is committed to developing new, advanced technologies, which minimize the effects our products and processes have on global climate and the environment in general. We recognize that climate change and national security are serious concerns that require all of us–individuals, industry and government–to take actions to help reduce our dependence on oil and emission of CO2. And, we have already taken actions to do so.

DaimerlChrysler has long been committed to reducing petroleum consumption and emission of greenhouse gases of motor vehicles.

We have produced more than 1.5 million flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs)–vehicles
capable of running on E85–in spite of the limited availability of E85 fuel to
consumers. That is more than 10 percent of our production over the past nine
years, a higher percentage than any other manufacturer. We stand ready to make,
by 2012, 50 percent of our production as either FFVs or vehicles capable of
running on biodiesel.

DaimlerChrysler offers seven clean-diesel models this year–providing improved
fuel economy of 30 percent and greenhouse gas reductions of 20 percent. As we
announced at the Washington State Auto Show in January, our new heavy-duty
Dodge ram diesel meets the stringent, 50 state, 2010 emission standards TODAY.
And, we are actively pushing for the adoption of a national standard for B20
biodiesel fuel to speed its adoption in the marketplace.

We are partners in a global alliance in hybrid development with GM and BMW in
developing a new hybrid system that we expect will leapfrog the competition.
The first Chrysler Group product–the Dodge Durango–will be on sale in 2008.

DaimlerChrysler is a leader producing hybrid diesel-electric buses through Orion
transit bus brand. We also have the only demonstration fleet of plug-in hybrids
in service–our Dodge Sprinter vans.

As you may not know, we are the world’s leader in fuel cell vehicle
production, with more than 100 vehicles–ranging from small passenger cars to
city transit buses–in worldwide operation today. Thirty-two of these are in
the U.S. We are putting significant resources into developing these new types
of propulsion with the objective of significantly reducing greenhouse gases.

And we continue to put advanced technology into our gasoline engine vehicles.
Last year we introduced a new World Engine for our 4-cylinder cars and trucks,
along with a new fuel-efficient continuously variable transmission.

Just last month we announced a $3 billion powertrain investment. This investment
will include the development of:

A significantly more fuel efficient V-6 engine family; and
New cutting-edge transmission that improve fuel economy by an additional 5-10
percent alone.

Plus, we will double the production capability of our 30 plus mpg 4-cylinder
engine plant in Michigan to 840,000 units per year.

All in all, these investments will further secure tens of thousands of U.S.
jobs associated with the engineering and manufacturing of the vehicles that will
benefit from these new technologies.

We’re also addressing our product mix. Earlier this year, we announced a
40- plus mpg “Smart” car that will arrive in the U.S. early next year.

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