First Dist. BOS Election Trial starts 3/21..Why wait!. Use the proven method

As we enter another week awaiting the outcome of the election to represent over 500,000 residents of the First District perhaps we should look at one of the cities in Orange County to see how they “select” rather than “elect” their council members.

In the city of Newport Beach, four of the current city council members were appointed rather than elected to serve. That surely is one way to avoid court battles and costly elections. Furthermore, they represent over 50 percent of that seven member council.

Mayor Steve Rosansky, Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Selich, Councilmember Keith Curry and Councilmember Leslie Daigle were each appointed. It surely makes it easier after backing into their posts when they run for re-election where incumbents win an overwhelming number of races.

To read about the city of Newport Beach simply go to

And for Juice readers:

What are the guidelines for “appointing” council members?

Should the Charter be Amended to limit the frequency, timing and number of appointments being made?

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