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Although Jubal has permitted me to respond to posts on the ocblog I am having difficulty in responding to their latest post about the primary race for the 33rd Senate District. Their story says that based on a recent Competitive Edge Research poll 64.2 percent of the 400 likely Republican voters contacted were still undecided. They may be but I am not.

This is one of the easiest votes one could have. Elect 73rd AD Assemblywoman Mimi Walters for 33rd Senate District, hands down!

For this firm to say that “both leading candidates are relatively still unknown” I have to wonder where they were last year when we pressed for much overdue reform of our property rights. Mimi Walters worked around the clock on Prop 90.

While I have met Councilman Harry Sidhu, there is no one that I have met, currently serving in the Assembly, who has fought harder and longer for property rights protection for all Californians than Mimi Walters.

Over the past three years she has introduced AB590, AB 1990 and recently introduced ACA 2. Rather than adding to the spin cycle let me quote directly from her website:

12/5/06. Assemblywoman Mimi Walters (R-Laguna Niguel), yesterday introduced a Constitutional amendment, which would extend further protections to homeowners in California from having their property seized by local jurisdictions exercising eminent domain.
The Amendment, ACA-2, is a part of Assemblywoman Walters’ continued fight to protect Californians’ private property rights by prohibiting eminent domain from being exercised for private business development.”

During the long fight on Prop 90 last year she was successful in getting 30 co-sponsors of that Initiative. Her ability to get support from her peers is what is needed in Sacramento.

On Jan 25th she was named Vice Chair of the Assembly Committee on Appropriations, a very powerful function when your annual budget exceeds $100 billion dollars.

And lastly let me report that I appeared with Mimi at a large club meeting where she discussed eminent domain. She has proven to be a tireless worker who is accessible to her constituents.

Larry Gilbert, Orange County Co-Director, Californians United for Redevelopment Education CURE, the “grass roots” partner of Supervisor Chris Norby’s MORR.

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